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Mesquite Springs Cottonwood- Manufactured Home Community- Lot Sales
Arizona Subdivision Laws-   Arizona has some of the toughest laws in the nation to protect real estate buyers from land fraud, but unfortunately, many Arizona real estate investors may unknowingly be in violation of the law.
The Code of The West-  A guide to living in the rural Southwest.  All newcomers to Sedona and the Verde Valley should read up on living in rural area and be wary of some of the issues regarding Sedona real estate and real estate in the Verde Valley.

Buyer Cliff Notes-  Lets face it, not many people thoroughly read that massive stack of paperwork given to them by their insurance agent or real estate agent!  Enjoy our crash course, and feel free to drop a line if you have any questions!  We love sharing our knowledge!

Cliff Notes for Arizona Real Estate Sellers  Seller's, here's your cheat sheet!

Foreclosure Alternatives  Facing a large mortgage payment increase in the near future?  Over 100,000 Arizonans are within the next 3 years.  Regardless of what you may have heard, a short sale ( or simply walking away), may not be your only options.   For a little more info on the subject read this article- What Happens When You Walkaway and then contact our office for a confidential consultation.

Rent or Buy?   Our on-line calculators will allow you to slice and dice the numbers in a variety of ways.

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