Choosing an Agent

              There are certain services you should expect from your REALTOR® when buying property, regardless of whether it is your first home or 5th investment property. Most agents have the ability to provide you with the basic services, but very few can properly analyze the positives and negatives and see hidden potential in an under-utilized property. Most can recognize a really good deal, but very few can negotiate a great deal!   Below is a list of services we provide our buyer clients.  

Pre-Purchase Counseling- We will tune in to exactly what you are trying to accomplish and offer you a few options and alternatives you may not have considered. We know and understand what a major life step it is to buy property, and we feel a large part of our job is to provide you with a lot information about property and financing options so you can make the best decision for your needs. We view our job a little differently than most agents.   Our job is not to sell you something, our job is to help you buy something in the smartest manner possible.

Agency Alternatives- Discuss and explain buyer and seller agency and representation options. 

Property Viewing- We will endeavor to show you only the properties you want to see or that suit your needs. We cooperate fully with all area REALTORS ®, and we are happy to show you all properties listed in our multiple listing service.  

Property Evaluation- We will discuss all the positives & negative features of the properties that interest you and how they may effect current value and future resale. There are so many factors that come into play when determining resale value; future development, neighborhood and construction trends, transportation, demographics, even financing options can effect future resale value of a property. We will help you make informed decisions.

Pre-Qualification/Approval- Refer you to a lender whose programs and expertise best match your particular lending situation. Not all lenders are suitable for all clients and all offer a multitude of different programs. We will help you locate a professional you will be comfortable working with.

Negotiation Strategy- Together, we will prepare a negotiation strategy for the property you’ve chosen. We can provide you with a market analysis & offer advice on initial combinations of offering price and terms. This is where the experience of your REALTOR ® really counts! With hundreds of successful transactions in the Verde Valley, we assure you are in good, capable hands!

Offer Preparation- After we thoroughly discuss all your options, we will prepare a written offer for you on the property you choose, with terms and conditions chosen by you.

Notification of New Listings- Once we know what you are looking for, we can e-mail you all new listings the moment they become available. We can even set up a portal for you, directly into our MLS, so you can track and sort properties which interest you. 

Property Disclosures and Inspections- We will review all disclosures and inspections and title documents. We will disclose all known physical defects affecting the property and help you determine what inspections you may need.

Home Warranties- We will explain all the benefits of a home warranty plan, which may reduce your risk of unexpected repair expenses when purchasing property.

Closing Costs- We will help you obtain an estimate of costs & down payment from your lender & assist you in minimizing out of pocket costs at close of escrow.Inspections- Inspection contingencies are inserted into every contract we write, even if our negotiation strategy includes an as is clause. We will help you negotiate repairs and remedies with the seller.

Pre Closing Inspection- A final pre-closing walk through to ensure that all warranted items are in working condition and the property is in the same general condition.Contingencies and Conditions- We will inform you of the progress of your transaction and assist you in the satisfaction of all conditions and contingencies in your purchase contract.

After The Sale Service-    We believe in service. At ANY time after your transaction, Call on us for advice, answers and assistance on ANY real estate questions you may have. 

Professional Referrals- We will provide you with the names of several area professionals for all transaction and home related services, including a referral to other REALTORS®, should you wish to buy or sell real estate in other locations.