The Questions We Keep Hearing!


Why is Sedona Real Estate and Verde Valley real estate so expensive?

 Now, this isn't a question we have heard very often in the last 3-4 years!  Of course, price is a relative term, depending on where you come from.  If you are coming from Hawaii, New York City, San Francisco,  or from much of the West Coast for that matter, Sedona Real Estate and Verde Valley Real Estate probably seems like a phenomenal bargain, especially now.

What makes land in Sedona and the Verde Valley command high prices, is becuase all communities in the Verde Valley are completely surrounded by National Forest and State lands.  In fact, only about 17% of all land in Arizona is privately held.  Sedona, Cottonwood and all Verde Valley communities have a finite supply of land available for development, therefore pricing is at a premium when compared to offerings in the Phoenix Metro area.  Of course there is also the lack of smog and dense traffic….something many people find well worth paying a little extra in exchange for an enhanced quality of life.

How is the water supply in Sedona and The Verde Valley?

The Verde Valley is one of the few areas in Arizona that is not an active management area.  This means that there is little restriction on a property owners ability to drill a well on their land.  Irrigated properties are plentiful and are served by over 150 miles of streams and creeks that criss-cross the valley floor.    Some wells in the area actually produce 300 or more gallons per minute and over one million gallons of fresh water flow into Montezuma’s Well each and every day.  The Verde Valley is truly an oasis in the desert.  If you are purchasing irrigated lands or land that is served by a well, you would be wise to become familiarized with the Current adjudication of the Salt and Gila River Systems, of which the Verde River and its tributaries are a part of. 

Is there a Lake in Lake Montezuma?

There is no lake in Lake Montezuma, although the Beaver Creek Golf Course has a rather nice pond on Lakeshore Drive!  The Lake Montezuma area got its name for a large natural well formed in collapsed limestone, Montezuma Well National Monument.  …..And Montezuma never lived here, nor in Montezuma’s Castle!  If you wonder about the Verde Valley and our water supply, consider that over one million gallons of water flow into Montezuma’s well continuously each day.

Where can I go gold panning in Sedona?

After you dig a hole several thousand feet down, you might find gold in Sedona!  Recent geologic evidence suggests that the amazingly rich mines in Jerome are located on only the very edge of a huge ore body that is thought to be currently under Cottonwood and Sedona.  While gold is still mined in the Mingus Mountain Range, and Sycamore Canyon,   I am not aware of any successful gold panning in Oak Creek., though Lynx Creek near Prescott is a favorite spot of local prospectors. The rocks of Sedona are sedimentary which are not typically associated with ore deposits.

What about Snakes and Scorpions?

Since your asking that question-  I'm guessing you might be from NY or NJ?  Nailed it!  I dont know why, but city folk seem  to be more apt to's not just you.    A little country 101- rattlesnakes live in nearly all of the United States ( yes, even in NY!....well, not in NY, -you know it as Upstate), and a Scorpion sting is akin to a bee or wasp,  for a normal healthy adult.  Really.  Not so horrible.  Yes, we have tarantulas, and they are big, harry & scary, but they are VERY shy and only bite if provoked.  To avoid Arizona's critters of ill dispute, shake out your shoes if you leave them on your patio and look before sticking your hand in a hole or wood pile.  Believe me, you have far more to worry about in the city!