Keep MORE of YOUR Commissions!

We're Hiring REALTORS and Looking for Licensed Agents! 

Have you been thinking it might be time to move your real estate license? 

Maybe your current broker is too costly, or too big and there just isn't enough business to go around. This seems to be true of some Sedona real estate brokerages, who have huge market share, but ONLY because of a huge number of agents who do a handful of deals each year.  80-90 agents scraping by on 3-4 deals a year can add up to a significant portion of small rural market.

Or, maybe your brokerage is just a little too small, not very active, or, only concentrates on business close to their office and within their comfort zone.  This may be true of many Cottonwood real estate brokerages, and truer still in Rimrock, Camp Verde, Clarkdale and Cornville. 

Maybe your just stuck in a rut, and it's time for a change, or, it was never a good fit in the first place. 

Did you know Options & Opportunities was designed around YOU and YOUR NEEDS? 

You owe it to yourself to at least learn a little more about how we can help you make your business run smoother, be more profitable, more stable, consistent and enjoyable!


COMMISSION STRUCTURE-      100%  disbursed as follows

Agent                                                                                       97%

AAA (Admin, Accounting, Advertising)                                           3%

                                             Transaction Fees


0-99,999                                295.00 or 10 % (whichever is LOWER )

100,000-199,999                    495.00 or 10%  (whichever is LOWER)

200,000- 299,999                   595.00

300,000-499,999                    795.00

500,000 and up                      995.00 

NO E & O Fees, NONE

NO Desk Fees, NONE*

No Franchise Fees

NO Mandatory Floortime*

OPTIONAL YEARLY CAP AGREEMENT 6K MIN (Pre-paid)=  12K MAX Brokerage fees

NO fees for Personal Transactions*

Top Producers/Experienced, Established Agents-  We've been there.   We realize it's you who built your business.  You're responsible for your success, not your broker, company or franchise.  Our plan TRULY recognizes and rewards your success.  Agents who generate their own leads and enjoy the success of steady sales income are rewarded with generously low transaction fees. 

Career Builders-  You know who you are.  You've been in the business for awhile, have a fair number of transactions under your belt, but, you still experience significant dry-spells, or rows of multiple failed transactions, or just can't seem to get that next level of success (and lower brokerage split!), and have no idea why.  Agents in this category also benefit from the same fee structure as our top agents, but will greatly appreciate and benefit immensely from the brokerages extensive lead generation programs*, without having to participate in the expense or tedious tasks of daily lead generation themselves.

Newly Licensed | Lacking Transactional Experience-   Sorry, our positions for the newly licensed are pretty limited and, no, the fee structure above is NOT where you'd begin.  But, we do, on occasion, have salaried/ hourly, full-time and part- time positions available that are PERFECT for new licensees (in fact we PREFER hiring new licensees for these positions!)  as well as a new agent mentoring program.  The commission split available for all newly licensed or inexperienced agents is graduated, beginning at 50% and increases 10% per year until you reach 100%.* 

There are no desk fees unless you opt for a private or semi private office. Use of the conference room and flex desks without charge.

*  Floortime is 100 % optional and voluntary, and currently available on weekends only. 

*  Broker leads and referrals are available to all agents via an industry standard 25% referral fee.  Transaction fees will be reduced by 50% on broker referred closings.    Agents who consistently and regularly cover weekend floortime shall have transaction fees eliminated altogether on closings in which they pay the broker a referral.

*  Newly licensed agents are available for the following full or part time positions, (when available): REO- TEAM AGENT (FT/PT), VALUATION & INSPECTION SUPPORT (PT/FT), BUYER BROKER, (FT, COMM ONLY),