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The Code of the West-  Arizona is a young state, less than 100 years old, and still retains a bit of the "Wild West."  This page has great information for those who may be relocating from more metropolitan areas.  All those things us country folk consider normal, daily life are things city folk might never even think of.....
Essential Information for Buying Arizona Real Estate-  A nice laundry list of general laws, rules, customs and practices which govern Arizona real estate purchases.
Arizona Residential Real Estate Purchase Contract Summary-  If you will be utilizing the services of an Arizona REALTOR, your offer to purchase will be written on the Arizona Association of Realtors Residential Real Estate Contract.  Read up on the contract BEFORE entering into it! 
Buying Your First Home-  Buying your first home can be overwhelming and confusing-  Suddenly, everyone you know is an expert.  Rely on us to give you the straight facts! Did you know? 3% down loans are back in 2015!
Utility Company Contact Info-  Need to hook up or check on what services are available?  Contact info for most Northern Arizona utility and internet providers are provided here.s                _  
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