Options & Opportunities Gives Back in a Big Way

Options & Opportunities is proud to support the good work of charitable organizations and non-profits our clients support, through Options & Opportunities' Charitable Rebate Program. 

Simply inform us of your wish to participate when you contact our office, and we will be happy to answer any questions we haven't answered here.


How does it work?

You list or purchase property with us at standard area rates, and at closing, we will mail a check for 10 % of the commission we earn to ANY National, charitable organization, or, 20 % to any local organization or cause.

So, it's really ANY organization I chose?

Simply put, Yes!

Well, why don't you have a list of preferred organizations?

With so many organizations, doing so many wonderful things, it was impossible for us to chose just one, or even a small handful.  And, we thought our clients would really appreciate having the ability to contribute to a cause that is TRULY near and dear to their hearts. Since we have little to no choice in how our tax dollars are wast....errr.... spent, we thought it would be our way to help give back a little "power to the people!"

Why do local organizations receive doubled donations?

Because, we live here.  We care deeply about our local people, our communities, as well as the environment which supports it all.  We know our clients do as well.   This is our opportunity to give a sincere "thank you" to all our clients throughout Northern Arizona, by helping them make a huge difference, right where they live, work and play.

How can our organization work with your program?

All charitable and non-profit organizations are welcome to reference our program in any of their supporter communications.  Feel free to share a link to this page.  We will also provide you with donation certificates that you may distribute to your supporters at will.  Simply contact our office, and tell us how many you would like.  Keep them on hand, or use them as part of your next fundraising event.