Are Rural Assets Killing Your KPI?

It doesn't take more than an handful of bad apples to spoil the whole bushel.   Likewise, a few assets with horrid numbers will rapidly sink portfolio performance.

Though your organization might prefer avoidance of rural assets altogether, we know that won't happen.

In this extreme regulatory environment, it is crucial for all businesses operating in the housing industry to ally themselves with professionals whose operations are beyond reproach.  The stakes are too high, the margins too skinny, and the front page risk, too great, to tolerate anything less than optimal performance.   

Options & Opportunities recognizes the pressures and scrutiny our clients face, and strive to ensure our organization will be their strongest link to success in the rural Arizona markets we serve.  You need, expect and deserve a high level of service and performance, regardless of the assets location.

No longer do your rural assets need to suffer from either a broker located too far away, or, worse yet, one who lacks the sophisication needed to turn a distressed asset back into a profitable one!  We can help!  We know what you expect and deliver the results you need on each and every asset. 

Who We Are

We are a dedicated team of real estate professionals, whose sole purpose is helping real estate sellers, note holders and buyers better understand, value, and efficiently navigate the management and disposition of their Arizona assets. Our brokerage is 100% woman owned and operated and began as a rural brokerage, so we are well equipped to handle sales effortlessly in Arizona's rural communities.

Experience of Broker/Owner:

  • Licensed in 1997
  • Brokers License, 2005
  • Founding member of three Arizona brokerage.

Broker Achievements:

  • 95% Closing Ratio (Deals that stick!)
  • 97% OBPO to REO Sales Price
  • Top 1% listing sales volume 2005-2014 ( Good  Market, Bad Market-  We MOVE inventory!)
  • Education:
  • AAS- HVCC, Troy NY, 1994
  • Member– Phi Theta Kappa, International Honor Society
  • BALS- NAU, Flagstaff, AZ, 1997 Summa Cum Laude
  • Member— Phi Kappa Phi, National Honor Society


  • NRBA Member
  • NAHREP Member
  • Five Star Short Sale Certified
  • CDPE Short Sale Certified
  • Member of 2 regional MLS's- SVVAR, ARMLS


To learn more about our team, visit our About Us page.

What We Do

We are a compact, high volume, brokerage, catering to the default industry. We began as a rural, retail brokerage, serving our clients diverse & varied real estate needs, whether it be Residential, Commercial, Vacant Land, Sales or Management. 

Default services has been a part of our repretrioe for nearly 15 years, but the rising tide of foreclosures and short sales in our area has resulted in distress sales becoming another cornerstone of our business model. We have a strong, solid history of REO and Short Sales, in addition to a wealth of experience in Residential & Commercial and Luxury retail sales.

Areas of Specialization/Expertise:

  • REO and Short Sales of Single Family Residential, Vacant Land, Luxury, Commercial &  Manufactured Housing
  • Compliance with required disclosures, laws and local ordinances
  • Completion of Spec Homes & "Wrecker- Uppers"
  • Non-Permitted Structures/ Add-ons, Wildcat Subdivisions, Private Roads, Septic tanks, Water Wells, City and County Compliance issues/zoning


Current Clients: Fannie Mae,  Bank of America, NYCB, Nationstar, First Credit Union, PMH Financial, NREOB, RMS Asset Management Solutions, NRT REO Experts, Skyhill, Servicelink, Advent REO, Default Servicing Inc., Precision Asset Management.

Why We're Preferred

We offer a FULL MENU of ALL industry standard REO & Short Sale and Distressed Asset Services. Well capitalized, we can effortlessly repair, rehab, maintain and manage your rural or metro Arizona inventory. In addition, we provide services often overlooked by REO brokers, especially in rural market areas :

  • Strict adherence to timeframes and guidelines. Our business is all about yours.
  • Accurate and informative BPO’s. Reconciling rural valuations can be an absolute nightmare– we can help provide sound reasoning for your recommended pricing & market plan.
  • Intimate knowledge of our areas economics, towns & neighborhoods which ensures excellent service and creative, market appropriate solutions.
  • Thorough property research. Our in-house title team searches liens, violations upon assignment and gathers information from a wide variety of sources to determine salability, value and area trends.
  • Redundant power and internet services – resulting in little to no down-time in rural locations frequently prone to service outages.

How We Make It Happen

  • Technological proficiency. Our REO department is organized by an in-house task based software system. Over 200 tasks are performed for each and every REO. Complete command of PDF/data processing.
  • Thorough understanding of FHA/USDA lending guidelines. Avoid last minute escrow delays/cancellations because the property fails to fit the financing.
  •  Weekly updates provided. We immediately establish a direct line of contact with the buyers lender.
  • Management of buyers and their agents. We school our buyers and agents so they know what to expect before, during and after the transaction.
  • Retail level, market appropriate advertising, targeting the most likely buyer.
  • Multiple, professional, marketing photos, which result in shorter marketing times.
  • Over 35 national/international web-site marketing affiliations, resulting in a steady influx of well-qualified relocation buyers
  • Consistent Sales Performance. We know the nuances of retail AND REO, which gives us an edge in diplomatic and CLEAN closings between these colliding factions.