Does your agent have what it takes to ensure your success? 
#1 The Marketing Evolution
 You can't call it a revolution, because that implies an event that has a beginning and an end.  The way real estate is bought and sold has changed dramatically over the past 20 years, yet many REALTORS have failed to embrace new tools and technologies as well as new techniques.  And the rules keep changing.
The Verde Valley and Sedona real estate market depend on retirees and relocations to our area.  That's why it's absolutely crucial for you to have an excellent presence on the web, as well as an understanding of who your potential buyers might be.
Your property needs to be where buyers are looking, and, it must immediately appeal to them!  If they aren't enticed to look at it on the screen, they'll NEVER go there in person.  It needs to give them the reason to mark it in their favorites, immediately call their agent, or get in a car or plane to come & see it. 
#2  The Litigation Explosion
Today's agents need to be wordsmiths, photographers, computer programmers, and social media mavens, as well as fulfill all traditional roles in the transaction.  Moreover, with today's increasingly litigious environment, you need to ensure your choice of list agent won't inadvertently expose you to liability.  Remember, in Arizona, your agent will perform tasks usually reserved for attorneys.  You MUST ask yourself while interviewing agents:
" If this were a court case, would I hire this person to represent me?"
It's a really an important question to ask, because 85% of ALL real estate lawsuits are orignated by buyers, against the seller. You need confidence he or she has the skillset to help you comply with laws, rules and regulations to avoid exposure, and if an issue does arise, they could clearly, succinctly defend your position & actions. 
Options & Opportunities, offers clients unparalleled professional representation & marketing for their Arizona properties.

Ask agents you are interviewing a few general questions about their internet marketing plan. 

  • Does he or she have a website- not just the company website, but one of their own?
  • How will they make your home stand out?
  • What MLS memberships do they hold?


Or maybe a few questions that will help you gage how well you will be represented:

  • If a buyer asks me to extend the closing date, what should I do?
  • If a buyer drops by unexpectedly to see my property, what should I do?
  • Who is the most likely buyer for your property and how will they market it to them, specifically?
  • What actions should I require the buyer do in order to protect my interests?
  • What should I do if a buyer asks me to make major or minor repairs?
If he or she does not have clear, concise answers to these questions, there is a good chance they are not going to have the capacity to market your home professionally.  These days, if you are not on-line, you're not for sale!
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